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PJ Cornell

"Cornell Enterprises Logo," by PJ Cornell, originally published to [PJCornell.Com]; copyright 2015, PJ Cornell, all rights reserved. This logo features a rising sun image.
“Cornell Enterprises Logo,” by PJ Cornell, originally published to [PJCornell.Com]; copyright 2015, PJ Cornell, all rights reserved.
PJCornell.Com is the official website of Cornell Enterprises and the public journal of PJ Cornell. PJ Cornell is a philosopher, musician, writer, journalist, and entrepreneur. He developed the philosophy of Transegoism, and has an online presence as a musician under the band name, “Asterisk.” He publishes all of his personal work, as well as the work of invited contributors, to this website.

He also runs other websites in association with this one, such as Transegoism.Us (a page about philosophy, politics, history, literature, and current events), as well as The Asterisked Music Journal (a music news journalism site and band page for Asterisk) in order to facilitate the development of communities dedicated to particular areas of interest he is involved in. In addition, Cornell Enterprises has a publishing arm called Emergence Publishing that helps publish and promote the work of its writers. Finally, BlockFlow.Club is a website for the application of Transegoist philosophical principles applied to economic analysis and blockchain.


Cornell Enterprises

“Cornell Enterprises” is the primary entrepreneurial project of PJ Cornell. It is a sole proprietorship, and PJ Cornell owns and manages it.


Mission Statement

The mission of Cornell Enterprises is to foster a community of writers, thinkers, academics, and creators, dedicated to the creation and curation of the very best content in the fields of philosophy, music, literature, history, and journalism, in order to contribute to the public discourse in these areas in a constructive way.



Cornell Enterprises will accomplish its mission by building a network of websites that present curated content by great writers, in addition to providing a forum for engagement with its various areas of interest. It will then pursue a prominent web presence by leveraging in-house SEO, as well as social media marketing. As its presence grows, Cornell Enterprises will continue to solicit contributions from the best writers it can find. It will promote them in any way possible, both on and off its network of websites.



Cornell Enterprises derives its values from the Transegoist philosophy, and in the context of this project, those are honesty, accuracy, reorientation of patterns of thought and action based on increased Dasein awareness, respect for individualism and choice, tolerance and interest in individual difference of opinion, assertiveness of the natural boundaries created by conscious action balanced by a charitable interpretation of others’ concerns, and the pursuit of mutual interests and goals.

These values will integrate the individual into the group, and the group into the wider social structure. This will manifest in a way consistent with the scrupulous demands of individual freedom, and the natural boundaries of consciousness. This will result in social facilitation of individual initiative, and displacement of institutions of force by networks of contractual obligation. Its values will lead to those results by creating an orientation towards the formation of constructive personal relationships.



If you would like to contribute to this project, we invite you to contact us as soon as possible. We look forward to speaking with you, and we hope to do so soon.

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