STEADFAST – Solo Piano Improvisation |


Sometimes being steadfast is not a matter of choice. Sometimes it’s simply a matter of being true to yourself. When you understand yourself, you understand what you value. When you understand what you value, you recognize it when you see it. When you see what you value, you are steadfast. When you find your ability to be steadfast, your decisions are simple; this doesn’t mean they are easy, or that you do not encounter suffering and loss – only that your choices are clear, and your resolve is calm, patient, and strong.

Why the Title

"Rainbow," by Anna Langova. A symbol for the steadfast promise of God.
“Rainbow,” by Anna Langova.

I came to a personal realization today. I didn’t choose to do anything about it; frankly, there’s nothing to be done about it, at the moment – but it informed my outlook on a particular situation, and once I admitted my realization to myself, I felt a wave of relief and a sense of simple resolve. I can’t know what the future holds, but I know how to face it, regardless of the outcome. Sometimes faith isn’t knowing the outcome; sometimes it is merely knowing how to face the unknown.

Some Notes on this Piece

This piece is one in which I used a technique that I commonly do, where there is a strong tonal center, and the melody and the harmony simply orbit it in a serene, meditative fashion. In this case, the piece revolves around B Flat, in a shifting modality. There is calmness and serenity in the midst of the tonal instability in this piece that this technique allows me to create.

Some Notes on the Featured Image

This is a photo of a rainbow by Anna Longova, and is in the public domain. I selected it because the rainbow is the symbol of the steadfastness of God. It seemed appropriate.