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Broken Promises and Prayers

There are times when the prayers you offer are really all there is within you to do. When a thought is expressed into words, it becomes real in a way that it couldn’t have been before. When prayers are offered, you are, through language,¬†externalizing into a more tangible form of existence your deepest fears and desires in supplication for a solution. Prayers concretize problems. This makes them more overtly problematic. It also condenses them into a more objective kind of obstacle – and this is the true power of all prayers – that it makes the things which wordlessly and imperceptibly undermine the experience of the sort of¬†existence that you are capable of into something more powerful and concrete which can then be faced. Our problems do not come into being until we speak them into being. When that occurs, the attention of the Consciousness becomes focused upon it, and the answer is transmitted for you to receive once you are able to do so. Until one concretizes one’s problems through prayer, they are not problems – they are age and death which slowly sap us and drag us down into the grave. Better a life riddled with problems, than a life saddled with the pall of the unspoken death.

Why the Title

"Candle," by Jon Sullivan. Prayers are always best by candlelight.
“Candle,” by Jon Sullivan.

I chose this title because I’ve made promises that I’ve failed to keep because of problems I underestimated. And so I pray those problems into existence, and wait for the clarity and courage to face them, and have faith that God will present a clear path forward.

Some Notes on this Piece

This is a blues piece in g# minor. It is harmonically relatively simple; it only has a few chords, but they are non-diatonic, and barely tonal. The focus is on the melody, which expresses a gentle, but earnest prayer.

Some Notes on the Featured Image

Prayers are always most effective by candlelight. The focus the attention, and allow the mind to let go of distractions so that the process of drawing being into existence through language (which is what prayer is) can occur more effectively. This image was found on [].

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  • Thank you, PJ, my Philip. Crazy big words but I think I got it. Problems necessarily have to materialize before the solutions come. And prayer in the process. I hope that’s something like it anyway. <3