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New Canyons

"Sun Rays on Rock Formations," by Nona Lohr, taken from [PublicDomainPictures.Net]; this image is in the public domain. Canyons are formed by running water over millions of years.
“Sun Rays on Rock Formations,” by Nona Lohr, taken from [PublicDomainPictures.Net]; this image is in the public domain.
In one or two of my previous posts, I’ve compared the emotional experience to a river which cuts canyons in the topography of our future experience of being, in such a way that our sense of self is “pre-paved,” if you will, by our present emotional experience.

What you feel today is who you become tomorrow. If you don’t like who you are, you can take control of that choosing to change your emotional experience. When you do this, the “river” that is your emotional self, begins to cut “new canyons” in your a priori bound experiential future. So if you don’t like who you are, then it is incumbent upon you to cut new canyons for yourself by changing the way you feel.

This starts with a conscious choice. You have to choose to take control of the person you are becoming. You have to understand that doing so commits you to an emotional process. Then, it proceeds with changing your surroundings. This presents the stimuli you need to be happier. You now have the power to be happy, regardless of what the objective situation is. When that happens, you become a deep, powerful, effective human being.


Some Notes on “New Canyons”

“New Canyons” shows the process of getting from a place of worry to a place of personal power. Getting in touch with your personal power makes you able to experience confidence and happiness. It opens in g# minor, which, to my ear, is the most unsure, worry-filled key. The piece features, close, restricted minor thirds, further underscoring the anxiety of the experience. As it progresses, it slowly opens up and moves past the sense of anxiety, to much more full, open chords in a major key, with parallel fifths and octaves, suggesting a calm, but powerful sense of self-confidence and personal power. As such, this shows the process of developing new canyons of future experience.

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