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A Frustrating Effort

This is a little piano improvisation I came up with today after I launched my website. Frustrating is in the title, because that’s what launching this website has been.

Why the Title

A man engaging in a frustrating task.
A charcoal concept sketch of Sisyphus by David Kilmer.

Launching this webpage was like pulling teeth today; frustrating to say the least. I just didn’t feel like doing it. But until I get a new car, I can’t drive for Uber, my friends are all out of town, I’ve made the rounds to see family, and the semester doesn’t start for a couple more weeks, so there will not be a better time for me to suck it up, sit down, and hammer this out. So I did, and it’s far from done, and there’s a bunch more to figure out and do, but at least it’s launched, and doesn’t look like a complete embarrassment. Forgive the broken links that go nowhere, the paucity of posts, and the total lack of functionality. There’s a lot of work left to do. At least I’ve gotten started on it. That’s better than nothing, right?

Some Notes on this Piece

It’s in B Major (sort of), but it’s non-diatonic, and I incorporate so “blue” notes near the end. It starts off nice and slow and relaxed; a little lazy, then gets a little more energetic, but as the energy increases, so does the lack of cohesion in the melody. The time signature changes, and the register changes very abruptly. The song is a little “distracted.”

Some Notes on the Featured Image

I found the featured image on a WordPress page, called An Empire of One. I’m not seeing anyway to contact the guy who runs the page, and who created this piece (one David Kilmer); so I hope it’s cool that I used his work, because I like it. It’s simple, but the guy looks like he’s really putting his back into pushing that boulder up that hill. Really getting into doing that completely frustrating, thankless and ultimately futile task. Frustrating; depressing even, but humorous.

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