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This is a short little piano improvisation I came up with a few days ago. It’s supposed to depict a feeling of drifting;¬†letting go, and just letting the currents that are present in your life just sweep you along where they will.

Why the Title

The title describes the experience I’m trying to communicate by the piece. It’s a feeling of drifting down a river, not knowing, or even much caring where you end up. This is a sensation I don’t usually endorse or entertain, but it’s something I’ve allowed myself to feel over the last few days, and this piece, I think, captures this feeling of drifting rather well.

Some Notes on this Piece

"Tree Reflections in River Water," artist unknown. The kind of river one might be drifting down.
“Tree Reflections in River Water,” artist unknown.

The piece is multi-modal with a single tonal center (E flat). It starts off with some descending minor seconds, that keep you guessing about the tonal center for a couple bars, before the initial, un-harmonized melody resolves in such a way as to make that clear. Polyphonic strands are introduced at intervals, and they sometimes dissolve into a supporting harmony, and sometimes, they emerge in parallel octaves and fifths, like accelerating bottlenecks of current. By and large, the piece is focused more on the higher registers, to give the piece a lonesome, melancholy feel. The melody is almost Gregorian at times, in that it evenly spaced, without too many large jumps, but is measured in unusual time signatures, and sometimes breaks into less regulated rhythms, as the drifting speeds up and slows down on its own. The piece ends on a jazz-like unresolved dissonance.

Some Notes on the Featured Image

This image is in the public domain, and was found at [Photos-Public-Domain.com]. The site does not list the photographer, or contributor. I think the photo fits the mood of Drifting quite nicely. It depicts a calm, but moving river one could see oneself driting down.